Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer

Looking to take your event to new ambiance heights? Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer and surefire way to set the mood and enhance the vibe of any venue. 

Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer
Ebell of Los Angeles Photo: @gary_coelho

Take that boring ballroom to new visual levels with single, dual, or multi color effects. You can truly transform any room with uplights!  We suggest having them placed every 10ft along the perimeter and even at columns throughout the room .  Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer, it is one of the simplest and most effective features you can use to change the mood and will literally light up the room. This is a guaranteed way to have to set the mood and have your guests in awe the second they walk through the doors. Uplights to create a mood based on your color preferences. Light up walls, pillars, trees and more to give your event space a new energy. We are able to have different scenes/colors throughout the night and control the lighting to amplify the energy of the room during dancing with fading and strobing effects.

Brian MacStay Photography 6103 los angeles dj synergy events wedding dj corporate
South Park Center Los Angeles, Ca Photo: @brianmacstayphoto

Uplights not only bring an indoor space to life they can illuminate outdoor spaces as well.  Placed strategically at the base of trees and pillars they can expand a space and create a romantic or energetic ambience. Create a colored scheme to compliment and pull together your event theme that will take your guests’ experience to the next level. Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer to truly transform any space.

Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer
The Villa Westminster, Ca Photo: @klo_eng

Want to add an extra hype level during grand entrance, announcements, and dancing we have a lighting technician to transform your experience as well.  Want the lights to rise for that epic drop with a blast of strobes? We can do that for you!  Uplighting is the ultimate vibe enhancer for your next event. Feel like you’re at the club or a magical musical festival while you dance the night away.

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Shout out to Jacqueline at Kellogg House for the amazing tips!

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