How to Buy an Engagement Ring

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Figuring out how to buy an engagement ring, can be a scary and overwhelming experience but we’re here to give you all the tips and tricks you need so that it doesn’t have to be. Let the fun begin!!! Knowing is half the battle. Most importantly is what does your partner want in a ring, what level of importance does it hold in the grand scheme of things, and what do you want to spend.

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If you have made the decision that your partner is the one for you for this lifetime and that you want to propose then chances are you know them pretty well and this subject has come up before. If you haven’t had the direct conversation of exactly what they want and you are going to surprise them make sure you are paying attention to what they like and pick up on hints.

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Here are a few tips from our favorite local Jeweler Ronald Lim on how to buy an engagement ring:

·        Make a mental note of what color gold they like?

·         What shape and type of stone do they like?

·         What size is their ring finger (if they already wear a ring on that finger swipe it when you can and take it to get sized or buy/borrow a ring sizer and measure it while they are in the shower or sleeping)

·         Find a Jeweler you trust and feel comfortable with.

·         Don’t stress out too much about buying the ring. At the end of the day it’s not about the ring but about the new chapter in life the two of you are about to enter together!

If your looking for a trustworthy, experienced Jeweler visit Ronald Lim in Downtown LA or Fullerton to learn how to buy an engagement ring. The Lim’s Jewelry Co.
637 S. Hill St. #B4
Los Angeles CA 90014
M-S 10:00am – 5:

The Lim’s Jewelry Co.
1475 S. Harbor Blvd. #A7
Fullerton, CA 92832
M-F 11am-5:30pm
Sat. 11am-4:30pm
Instagram: @limsjewelry

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