Synergy Events Definitive wedding MUsic Guide

Welcome and thank you so much for choosing SYnergy events to provide the soundtrack for your special day! Here we will have spotify playlist suggestions for the various special moments of your event. Feel free to use our suggestions or use as an inspiration. If you have any questions or need specific suggestions please contact us at 424.278.4886 or email us directly.

ceremony songs

here are suggestions for ceremony music. Pre-ceremony, processional songs for wedding party, processional songs for the groom, processional songs for the bride, unity candle, sand ceremony and recessional songs. for the processional songs you can choose one and the dj can create an extended seamless 10 min loop of it or you can choose multiple songs for the processional. You can also have a separate song for the groom, parents, sponsors etc. if you like. you definitely have to have a separate songs for the bride.

pre-ceremony string quartet songs (when guests arrive)

pre-ceremony contemporary songs (when guests arrive)

processional groom songs for the groom and bridal party

processional songs for the bride

recessional songs

cocktail hour songs

for the cocktail hour vibe it’s usually feel good music. Nothing too hype as people are usually chatting at this time. HEre are some suggestions below to inspire you or you can let the dj decide.

room opening songs

feel good upbeat songs when guests enter the room. this sets the tone for the night. ***OPTION** We can open the dancefloor at this time if you would like guests around the dancefloor before the grand entrance for more energy. you can use some of these suggestions or let the dj decide.

GRand Entrance songs

There are a few different ways to select grand entrance songs. one song for each pair or one song for each group depending on who is part of the grand entrance. usually you have 1 song for all the parents or each set of parents have their own song. one song for the whole wedding party or each pair pair has a song they pick or you pick or the groomsmen have a song or the bridesmaids have a song. most importantly. You, the newlyweds need to have your own song to enter to.

***tip – for more energy we can have the guests around the dance floor before the grand entrance to join you (the newlyweds) when you get to the dance floor.

For selecting songs more energy is better especially for the wedding party and yourselves (the newlyweds) Here are some suggestions below.

Grand Entrance - General Songs for parents, wedding party, bride and groom etc.

Grand Entrance - bridesmaids

Grand Entrance - Groomsmen

Grand Entrance - bride and groom

secondary Grand Entrance song - bride and groom

the secondary grand entrance song is used when you have guests around the dancefloor before the grand entrance and want to take energy to another level or another direction. it will play right after your main entrance song once you get the dance floor. We will hype everyone up during the build up and then the beat drops.

First DANCE songs

FOR THE FIRst dance song pick something that gives you goosebumps, feel good about or a song that you love singing along together. here are some of our favorite first dance songs hopefully it will help or give you inspiration. sometimes couples would like multiple songs for a dance routine. We can create edits/mixes for your first dance if you need.

family Dances

for the PARENT DANCeS have your PARENTS pick the song if possible. If THey are unable to pick here are suggestions to help them or you to pick a song that fits. We can fade out the song at the end of the 1st chorus or a certain part of the song if you like. we can also create complimentary custom edits if you need. please let us know if you would like the dj to play the whole song or a certain part of it. here are the songs below.

father daughter dance

mother Son DANCE

Brother Sister Dance

mother daughter DANCE

dinner songs

songs before toasts

before toasts

after toasts

cake cutting

bouquet toss

for the bouquet toss song or songs. the song should be something your girls like to dance to whether pop, ratchet, 80s etc. you can pick the song or songs or the dj can take care of it for you. what the song that gets you and your girls hyped up? here are suggestions below. the dj can pick if you like.

Garter removal and toss

for the garter removal we need two songs. you can pick or the dj can pick. You need one song to get the guys on the dancefloor, somethin hype. what is the song that get you and your groomsmen hyped up? the 2nd song is the removal song which would be sexy or funny etc. here are some suggestions below for both songs. dj can pick them for you if you like.

Garter toss songs to get the guys on the dancefloor
Garter removal songs

open dancing songs

When it comes to planning dance sets your wedding, it’s collaboration between you and your dj. The playlist is a mix of your favorites with bangers that your guests would like and some crowd pleasers from the dj. Compiled from over 400 weddings, here is DJ Wrex Los Angeles‘s Top Wedding Songs for Weddings. Feel free to add them to your playlist and use this as an inspiration for your own dancing playlist. These are pretty much the most requested songs along with DJ Wrex’s Favorites!  **TIP*** IN your rsvp cards include a questions like “what song gets you on the dancefloor?”

general open dancing songs

line dancing songs

last song(S)

For the last song we’re inviting everyone back on the dancefloor for the last song or songs with the bride and groom. you can pick a slow or fast song, or one slow then one fast or vice versa. Lets end the night on a good note!

if you need more help schedule a call with us by emailing Thanks.