100 of the Best Walk up Songs for Toasts and Speeches

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Here are over 100 Walk Up Songs for Toasts and Speeches. We always like to have music before and after toasts to keep the vibe going and to match the energy of the room. This is kind of how baseball players have songs when they come up to bat. It’ll hype them up for their […]

50 Last Dance Songs to End the Night Strong

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50 Last Dance Songs to End the Night! It’s the end of the wedding. People danced their asses off, you had the grand entrance, cake cutting, father daughter and mother son dances, money dance, bouquet toss and garter toss and are ready to call it a night. It’s time to end strong and take the […]

Grand Entrance Songs | Listen Now | Over 100 Tracks

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Grand Entrance Songs, Intro Songs, and More! Here’s an updated list of the Top Grand Entrance Songs and Introductions for 2021 for the Bridal Party, Parents, Flower Girls, Ring Bearer and the Bride and Groom. These are just suggestions. You can choose one song for everybody and one for you or you can have one […]