How to Propose to Your Partner

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You’re in love, you know your partner is the one you want to spend the rest of your living days with and you’re ready to propose……but how to propose to your partner? You’ve spent every day for the past however long falling deeper in love, learning traits…likes…dislikes…and everything there is to know about your partner. […]

Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

Venue Coordinator vs Wedding Coordinator

Your Wedding Day is going to be packed full and you will definitely want a team of people helping you through it. Two very important people are the venue coordinator and the wedding coordinator, know the difference and who to delegate what tasks to and your day will run smoothly. Let us walk you through […]

How To Plan A Wedding – 20 Great Tips to Help

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How to Plan A Wedding! Here’s 20+ tips to help you plan a wedding. If you need help feel free to reach out to us. We’d gladly help and give you more tips on how to plan a wedding. Plan Ahead – How to plan a wedding. Structure the time you spend on getting everything […]

Synergy Events | Creating Memorable Events One Song at a Time

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We are proud to announce the launch of Synergy Events LLC, the expanded version of DJ Wrex, your favorite DJ and MC. We’ve been working hard to restructure ourselves to better serve our clients and excited to take your events to the next level while being as safe as possible.  Synergy Events is here to […]